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New Cortex360 firmware available !

By 15 February 2019October 1st, 2020No Comments

Davicom is proud to announce the release of a new firmware version for the Cortex360 units.

Here’s what new…

32 Up/Down Counters
with High-Low limits & Reset, controllable from any I/O

32 Activity Monitors
that can keep track on the activity of any I/O

Workspace Panel Hyperlinks
that allow jumping from one screen to another

32 SNMP Devices
for faster and easier SNMP I/O commands configuration

Up to 32 Modbus Devices*
for more I/O capability, extra flexibility, and low-cost installations
* Added cost feature

Higher data compression rate
gives lower bandwidth usage and accelerates overall communications performance

Math Function Averaging Operator
allows filtering of Metering Input measurements & SNMP GET values

No-login Web View
for fast and direct access to a Cortex360 viewer-only screen

And many more additions and improvements !

  • -Front-panel OLED display shows upload progress of configuration file
  • IP address, Netmask & Gateway settings configurable on OLED display using front panel buttons
  • Double-click & double-tap operation for relays and SNMP SETs
  • Cortex 360 now supported in DavNet software (IP communications only, dial-up support available in a future release)
  • Hide/Show/Move of the right side floating toolbar when in Workspace Edit Mode
  • SNMP v3 user management improvements
  • SNMP test error messages have been enhanced
  • Added a boot flag that activates on boot-up (reboot and power cycle)
  • Cortex360 can use Let’s Encrypt (TM) SSL certificate
  • Addition of a Reset button in the right-click menu of the Activity Timers when using Cumulative mode
  • Digi USB-to-serial hub is now supported by the Cortex360
  • Improved Alarm-Call sequence algorithm
  • New APNS certificate available for download
  • Expanded About section
  • Refined Smartphone & tablet gestures-management for better user experience
  • Preliminary User Guide now available directly from the Help menu
  • Stability improvements & bug fixes

We are constantly working on enhancing your experience with our products. If you think the Cortex360 is missing a
feature that could be beneficial to you and other users, let us know !

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