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How Can I Monitor my Remote Telecommunications Site?

Remote radio and telecom sites are generally monitored through a device called a Remote Terminal Unit (or RTU). Historically, these devices could measure dry contact inputs and analog voltages to check them periodically for abnormal levels. When a problem was detected, the RTU could send an alarm to pre-defined locations by telephone or remote contact closures.

Modern RTU’s can connect to almost any type of on-site device through dry contacts and analog voltages but also through different interconnection protocols such as SNMP or MODBUS. In addition, they can send alarms by email, text message, SNMP Trap or Smartphone notifications.

Besides simply monitoring levels or devices for alarm conditions, modern RTU’s also allow technical personnel to remotely control on-site equipment. This greatly facilitates remote diagnostics and can save of repeat visits to a site.

A smart RTU, like Davicom’s Cortex Series can even take over and control site devices automatically to reset or power-cycle flaky equipment, to start a backup device without requiring outside attention and even to reboot a network element if it stops responding.

Smart RTU’s make remote telecom sites more resilient, robust and reliable thereby ensuring that critical communications infrastructure can do what it is supposed to do when it is required

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How can Davicom Intelligent Remote Site Management Units Make My Site Operations and Maintenance Easier?

Davicom’s units give you remote awareness of what is happening at your site. They also give you remote access so that you can run remote tests to determine exactly what is going on, and they give you all this tirelessly, allowing you to keep your critical network operational, 24/7/365.

Ensure Operational Readiness

  • Allow you to monitor and remotely test almost anything at the site.
  • Provide you with situational awareness and let you know there is a problem before it becomes critical.
  • Secure a quicker turnaround time for repairs by telling the repair technician what replacement unit to bring when they travel to the site for repair work.

Give your technicians superpowers

  • Allow them to travel to the site at the speed of light by remotely accessing a Davicom unit.
  • Give them X-Ray vision to see what is happening at the site and to remotely diagnose the problem.
  • Offer them the power of telekinesis by using the Davicom unit’s control outputs to start backup devices or reboot equipment.

Work tirelessly 24/7 at the remote site

  • Since these intelligent units literally live and work at your site they are always available to automatically and quickly resolve problems without requiring the intervention of your technical staff.
  • Connect, monitor and control just about anything at the site with little or no extra equipment.

Learn how you can Efficiently Monitor & Automate Your Repeaters!

Using the Cortex Series Site Management System.

What is the ROI of Remotely Managing My Site?

Installing a Remote Site Management unit can be a very profitable investment. Davicom’s Cortex units reduce travel requirements, travel time and travel costs. If you do have to go to a site that is experiencing problems, you’ll know what is wrong and you’ll have the proper replacement parts with you before you leave.

Save on travel

  • Surveys have shown that the average cost for a site trip can be up to $600 (salary, travel & living, corporate overhead, overtime pay) without counting lost revenue due to downtime, and lost opportunity costs from other activities.
  • If you save one trip per month to a site, an ROI of less than 12 months is proven.

Generate New Revenue Streams

  • Monitor your customer’s remote radio site through Davicom units for an extra monthly fee. This value-added service allows you to offer quicker response times and to tell the customer that they won’t have to call you when their system goes down—you’ll know before they do!
  • If you are already charging a monthly service fee for site maintenance and support, Davicom’s units  can reduce your costs and increase your margins on those existing service contracts.
  • You can buy the Davicom units for use on your own sites, thereby reducing your downtime and maintenance costs.

Keep adding to your bottom line

  • Once the unit has paid back your initial investment, that 600$/month/unit keeps being added to your bottom-line year after year, and Davicom units have a typical life expectancy of over 10 years!

Save on Costly Interfacing Equipment
and Connect Everything At Your Site

Has your site photocell become defective? No problem: Use the Cortex’s integrated sunrise/sunset calculator to control tower, and site security lights.

Don’t have an audio silence detector on your radio? No problem: Use the signal rectifier that is built-in to every Metering input on the Cortex and continually check for audio loss on the channel.

Don’t have an SNMP interface on a piece of legacy equipment? No problem: Use the Cortex’s built-in Agent to convert analog readings into SNMP OID fields that can be read by a remote SNMP Manager.

Don’t have an electronic gauge on your fuel tank? No problem: Use the Cortex’s built-in Activity Timers to estimate fuel level from total generator run-time.

Want to listen to live audio from inside your site building/shelter or from your on-air signal? No problem: Use the Cortex’s built-in microphone or line inputs to remotely listen to ventilation fans, compressor motors, radar gearboxes or on-air audio.

Don’t have an on-site timer to run the Generator test every week? No problem: Use one of the Cortex’s built-in versatile event schedulers to start and end the test.

Compatible With the Best in the Industry

Davicom Cortex units can enhance the reliability of, and facilitate remote access to your site equipment. Interconnection is possible through GPIO or SNMP.

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