Factory, On-Site and Remote Training

Davicom’s DEX technical support site offers extensive information and instructions on all types of Davicom units and accessories. 

Nevertheless, comprehensive and personalized product training may allow you and your staff to take full advantage of the power of our units while offering the opportunity to set aside some time and focusing on the product’s operation.

When the situation permits, we can receive trainees at our facility for comprehensive training that can be adjusted to last anywhere from a half day to three days total. 

On-site training is also offered at your facility, again when the situation permits and travel is allowed.

Training can also be on-line via our remote meeting platform. 

Subject matter can include:

  • Familiarization with the hardware and basic operation 
  • Configuration and programming
  • Operating and programming the NOC software interfaces
  • Advanced programming and upgrading

All with hands-on practice of the subject matter.

Please contact us for more details on this service.

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Installation & Configuration

Setting up your Davicom unit for basic monitoring, control and alarms is easy. Just use the built-in default workspace files, consult the setup wizard on our DEX Support portal or call our tech support department and you’ll be monitoring basic parameters in no time. If you’d like to go further, and wish to do it on your own, we do offer on-line introductory and advanced training sessions.

If your installation requires using the Cortex’s full complement of powerful functionalities, and if you simply don’t have enough time to set up and configure your system, why not ask for extra help from us or from our experienced integration/installation partners?

We work with a network of qualified partners who have been using/installing our products for years. In addition, our in-house technical support staff are also available to help out with your larger projects.

Please contact us for more details.

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