Security Sensors

Protecting on-site equipment is of utmost importance, and adding security sensors to any Davicom unit is one of the easiest ways of doing this. Better management of site access and surveillance allows operators to know immediately when an authorized person accesses a site or when an unauthorized person is attempting to break in. For maximum protection, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras are also recommended.

Environment Sensors

Indoor ambient conditions and outdoor weather conditions can change very rapidly at remote sites, and monitoring these conditions is important to provide situational awareness. Changing conditions can, if not compensated for, create significant damage to the site equipment and installations. Whether it be temperature, humidity, water intrusion, ice or the presence of an approaching lightning storm, environmental sensors provide critical information to help ensure continued site operation in all conditions.

Power Sensors

Davicom offers a wide range of sensors for the measurement of various signals including the mains electric supply, RF power to the antenna, battery bank voltage and audio signal levels. Accurate measurement of these signals allows better diagnosis and understanding of the underlying conditions that may lead to equipment failure.

Level & Pressure Sensors

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