Davicom’s New Digital Temperature Probe Interface With SNMP

Davicom is proud to introduce its new Digital Temperature Probe Interface with SNMP. With supported probe-wire lengths of up to 30m, and calibration-free operation, easy and reliable temperature measurements become possible.

Compatible with any SNMP Manager,
including the Cortex Series

The DTPI interfaces with Davicom units (DV-Mini/208/216 & Cortex 320/360) via wired-IP using SNMP. The unit’s MIB is open and available for download, thereby making it compatible with any 3rd party SNMP V1 & V2 management appliance or software.

Built for Industrial Applications 

Davicom’s DTPI can be used to measure temperatures and temperature differentials to autonomously take advantage of cooler outdoor air to save on A/C costs. Broadcast and Two-Way radio transmission sites can therefore see their HVAC electrical costs decrease significantly. Temperatures of critical site equipment such as generators, UPS’s, batteries, pumps and computer racks can all be closely monitored and managed thanks to the DTPI’s sensors.

Engineered to Make Your
Installation & Integration Easier

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Main Features
& Specifications

Measure temperatures from
-55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F).

Connect up to
4 probes to each DTPI.

Use cable lengths of up to
30m (100 ft) for each probe.
(Davicom can supply weatherproof probes with cable lengths of up to 15m (50 ft))

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