Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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The THS0080 indoor Temperature Sensor is a low-cost sensor which combines temperature and humidity measurements. It comes standard with 9 in (230mm) pigtail wiring for easy connection to the Davicom units.

Measurement accuracy: ±0.9ºF (±0.5ºC) for temperatures between 32ºF and +176ºF (0ºC and +80ºC) and ±3% for relative humidity within the range 0-100%RH. The sensor’s operating voltage range is 4.5 to 6 VDC. It features linear (10 mV/ºC, 30mV/%RH) scale factors.

The measured output voltages can be easily converted to either ºF, ºC or %RH using the following formulas:
T (ºF) = [Vout X 180] + 32
T (ºC) = Vout X 100
RH(%) = Vout X 33.3

ABC coefficients for the Davicom DV line of Remote Monitoring Systems are:
Degrees F: A=0 ; B=180 ; C=32
Degrees C: A=0 ; B=100 ; C=0
% RH: A=0; B = 33.33; C=0

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 4 in