DV-200 Cables

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Interconnecting cable for the DV-MINI, DV208/216, multiple lengths available, soldered not crimped connections, prevents intermod.

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The Davicom system uses industry-standard Champ 50-pin connectors for all its I/O needs. Davicom interconnection cables are an interesting alternative to making-up your own wiring harnesses. They represent a neat and convenient way to connect to the back of your units, saving you the trouble of making up your own 25-pair cables.

All of Davicom’s 25-pair cables are soldered and not crimped. This ensures excellent low-resistance contacts that reduce noise and intermodulation products often associated with crimped contacts in environments where high RF levels are present. Davicom recommends that crimped-contact connectors not be used for audio and video connections in these environments.

Davicom offers cables from the standard 2-meters up to 15-meters long with various connectors (straight-straight, straight-angle, straight-pigtail).

Note that older MiniMAC units (black front panel) do not use Champ connectors.
Note that the standard 2-meters cables are also offered as part of a kit that includes rack-mounted screw terminal panels (refer to the Davicom Input/Output Kit). Rack-mounted screw terminal panels can also be purchased separately (refer to the Davicom Input/Output Panel).

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1 meter, 2 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters, 15 meters