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Preordering for the Davicom Neuro is now open

By 17 July 2023No Comments
The Davicom team is happy to announce that preorders for the new Davicom Neuro are available. Delivery is anticipated in October 2023.

Davicom’s NEURO is a 1U 19’’ rack-mountable box that allows you to mix and match GPIO boards to give you precisely the I/O count that you need. These GPIO Boards, the NIO-8A for 8 Analog Inputs, NIO-8D for 8 Digital Inputs and the NIO-5R for 5 Relay Outputs, are inserted into 5 independent slots within the NEURO chassis.

The NEURO can be ordered with up to 5 NIO boards in various combinations to give, for example:

  • 8 Analog Inputs and 5 Relay Outputs
  • 40 Analog Inputs
  • 40 Digital Inputs
  • 8 Analog and 8 Digital Inputs as well as 5 Relay Outputs.

Many more combinations are possible, with a single constraint that a NEURO can only accept a maximum of 2 x NIO-5R boards. In this case, the 3 other slots can be populated with combinations of NIO-8A and NIO-8D boards.

Contact your favorite dealer or log in to your Davicom.com account to pre-order one today. Quantities are limited.

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