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Chaos in the supply chain

By 31 August 2021No Comments

As you may have already heard, there is a worldwide parts shortage in the semiconductor industry. The most publicized effects have been those on the new car industry. Factories have been closing down and car dealership parking lots are standing empty, whereas they would normally have hundreds of cars waiting to be sold at this time of year.

This parts shortage has started to affect Davicom’s ability to accurately quote delivery delays for orders received or upcoming. As the supply situation becomes more chaotic, parts that are normally run-of-the-mill now have delays of several months. Even worse, parts that were promised for delivery in the last few weeks are now being re-scheduled for delivery in the next few months, and we are being advised of this change 2 weeks after the parts were due in! Shortages and delays have even trickled down to other types of components such as connectors and sheet metal.

This situation has thrown a monkey wrench into our plans and may force us to revise previously promised delivery dates. It has become very difficult for us to respect our quoted delays when our suppliers are regularly pulling the rug from under our feet.

Please be assured that we are doing everything in our power to respect our delivery schedules, and are sorry for any inconveniences caused by this situation. 

With my best regards,

John Ahern


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