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Published by Davicom on December 12 2014


We’ve been wanting to create this opportunity for closer communications with our customers and colleagues for quite a while now… and here it is, finally on-line.

Material prepared by members of the Davicom Support, Production, Sales and Product Development teams will be posted as it becomes available. Proposals for contributions from customers are also welcome.


As the first installment, let me tell you about the imminent release of our Version 5.56 Davicom Firmware and DavLink/DavNet software. The software development, software QA and product support teams have been running at full steam over the past few weeks to prepare this latest SNMP-enabled release.

The main change of this new version was to accommodate recent modifications to the Apple Push Notification security settings for iOS8. This ensures users with iPod, iPad and iPhone devices will continue receiving alarms from their Davicom units.

Some of the other new features included in this version are enhancements to the SNMP GET and SET functionality of the built-in SNMP manager.

  • We’ve added the possibility of sending an alarm if an SNMP GET times out due to network delays or unavailability of the SNMP-enabled peripheral. This gives users the possibility of knowing if critical equipment is unresponsive or if their on-site network is having issues.

  • We’ve also added the possibility of sending an alarm if an SNMP SET has failed. As explained above, this can be useful to keep users aware of situations that could develop with unresponsive equipment.

  • SNMP GETs can now have a default value instead of being empty when/if no readings come in. This ensures system logic is not messed-up should a remote reading fail to come in.

  • SNMP SET’s now have the option of being logged (or not) in both the System Log and the Custom Log. Users can therefore decide if they want to log specific readings if they go out of bounds, or at regular intervals as fast as every second.

  • Our powerful Qualifier field has been added to the SNMP GET configuration screen. Users will appreciate the input Muting functionality provided by this addition.

  • The SNMP GET “Float from string” has been refined in order to accept “>” and “<” characters. This feature is useful when “creative” equipment manufacturers send system operating data values as a string of characters framed with the “>” and “<” symbols.

We’ve cleared up a problem discovered when viewing IP camera images in DavLink on DV-Micro units. Users of these units now have the possibility of viewing images from IP cameras at the sites, but from within their DavLink workspaces.

Access to Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers has been improved to connect more reliably over slow or less reliable networks.

The default delay between alarm-calls has be pre-set to 60 seconds to ensure proper on/off-hook operation. This also gives users adequate time to make a return call without being locked-out by a busy signal while the alarm-call sequence is taking place.

This latest version of our firmware and software will be available to registered users in the support section of our web site at www.davicom.com/support in the coming weeks.


John Ahern